Asset Inventory and Condition
Asset Inventory and Condition

Asset Vision’s Asset Register provides a comprehensive overview of your Organisation’s or your  Client’s Built, Fixed and Mobile Assets – as well as their condition.

This central source of information is stored in Asset Vision, and provides a foundation on which assets can be Created, Identified, Analysed, Recorded, Updated, Viewed, Inspected, Maintained and Constructed.

Asset Condition can also be recorded and modelled over time, identifying which assets are safe and available for use, or require reactive or preventative maintenance to maximise their useful life and utility.

Inventory/ Condition Mobility

Take your entire organisation’s Asset Register with you out into the field. Know where every Asset is located, as well as its past and current status. Record new Assets and their condition in the field.

  Ability to create and update assets with the most current information while on site.

  Ability to record asset inspections, assign jobs, record condition and repairs right after they happen.

  Ability to view asset register details to assist with undertaking scheduled inspections and work tasks.

Inventory/ Condition Overview

Using the Asset Vision Web Application, see a comprehensive overview of your organisation’s Assets, allowing for quality asset renewal programs to be developed.

  Knowing exactly which assets require attention will drive productivity and efficiency gains across your asset portfolio

  Quickly view and filter assets by any data point on a list or map view in real time.

  Schedule asset inspections, monitor asset condition, and understand life cycle trends of your asset portfolio

Key Features

Asset Inventory and Inspections

Our Asset Register allows for Asset Inventory to be created directly within Asset Vision. Inventory recording can capture details for an asset or it’s components. For existing Assets, Inspection schedules, as well as the Assets to be inspected can be configured to suit organisational requirements.

Jobs / Work Orders

Asset Inspections, Renewal Works Programs or Inclement Weather Events are all examples of triggers which can generate an order of work. These packages of works can then be managed against an Asset or it’s components. The Asset Register allows for jobs and tasks to be created on an Asset or component, either within an existing asset- or on a newly captured asset on site. Work orders can be then managed through the works life cycle from inception to completion.

Asset Condition

Individual Asset Condition is critical to understanding the current overall condition of the organisation’s Asset Portfolio. Asset Vision can be used in the field to capture Asset and component condition, as well as using job and defect data to influence current condition, and to identify if an asset is safe and available for organisational or public use.

Asset Reporting

Asset Reporting is critical to understanding the current and past condition of the organisation’s Asset Inventory. Asset Vision facilitates Asset Reporting both spatially and via data export and dashboards – and to provide a live overview of the current state and health of the Asset Inventory.

Asset Administration

Asset Administration options are available to key users, allowing any number of changes and ammendments to be made to Assets on the Asset Register, including planned and unplanned maintenance requirements. New Assets can be bulk imported using predefined Asset attributes, making for an even more seamless Asset creation experience.

Field Access And Capture

Taking the Asset Register out into the field provides outstanding mobility benefits for organisations. This means that activities created against an asset are visible for the entire organisation to see immediately, and also means that Assets can be created and updated in the field – effectively crowd sourcing Asset Inventory items, which may not have been previously captured, or which require attributes to be changed.

FOR government and Asset Owners

Our Asset Register is suited to Asset Owners, such as State and Local Road Authorities. 

  Maximising the usability, operation and value of managed assets. 

  Managing Asset inspection compliance requirements and expectations

  Ensuring organisational Assets are fit for purpouse and for safe for public use

  Management of Asset Renewal/Maintenance programs on critical assets

  Keep your asset register current by crowd sourcing new assets and updating existing asset attributes in the field

  Creation of New Assets through Construction programs

For Contractors and enterprise

Our Asset Register is suited to Asset Maintenance and Operations Contractors.

  Visibility of Asset Status across your contract, identifying assets which require prompt intervention.

  Mobile functionality (including offline) allows for capturing new assets in the field, and updating attributes on existing assets.

  Undertaking periodic Asset Inventory and Condition inspections as required by the Client

  Ability to assign jobs directly to Assets, and suggest larger scale Asset Interventions to the Client

  Ability to manage dynamic quantities/volumes of Asset Resources (i.e. Crushed Rock within a Stack Site).

  Greater value for money and Client satisfaction

Real-time sharing of Asset Data to everyone in your organisation

All Asset Register data, as well as dashboard and KPI information are managed in a live environment, to provide up to the minute information on the current health and state of your Assets.

Integrated device & website apps designed to function as one

Whether asset owner or contractor, in the field or in the office – everyone can work together seamlessly and view/edit assets on the same platform. View the living Asset Register across the organisation, and maximise works efficiency.

All stored securely in our dual-location enterprise grade data centre

Asset Vision data is stored securely in Enterprise Grade data centres, with regular backups – ensuring peace of mind for your organisation.  ————————————————————————————–


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