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VicRoads plans, develops and manages the 23,000 kilometers of arterial road network across Victoria. This extensive road network has a replacement value of over $20 billion, and regular maintenance work is required to provide maximum social, economic and environmental benefits to the state.

Asset Vision supports VicRoads in delivering on this objective.


The Asset Maintenance Management System (AMMS) developed by SyncIT has been used by VicRoads since its statewide rollout in 2013, and since its deployment has evolved to become an outstanding success story for VicRoads in the efficient and effective delivery and management of its maintenance contracts and related defect rectification activities that VicRoads is responsible for, across the Victorian Arterial and Freeway Road Network.

Through the development of an innovative product which incorporates industry leading features, Asset Vision has provided VicRoads with the ability to transact digitally in the road inspection and maintenance space; and to record, communicate and manage asset inspection and condition information in real time with all stakeholders, resulting in better information, as well as considerable financial and time savings.

Through the use of the latest generation mobile devices and website interfaces, VicRoads staff and contractors have increased confidence, compliance and transparency in their management of maintenance contracts.

The Challenge

VicRoads conducts its management of Victoria’s Public Road network in accordance with its legislative requirements and regulations as set out in the Road Management Act 2004. Under this Act, VicRoads has the responsibility of ensuring that the State Freeway and Arterial road network is safe, well maintained, and fit for its primary purpose of moving people and freight efficiently. A well managed and maintained road network is crucial to the economic prosperity, social inclusion and environmental sustainability of the State.

To fulfil its responsibilities under this Act, VicRoads engages Civil maintenance contractors to undertake Road and Roadside maintenance activities on behalf of VicRoads, in accordance with contractual arrangements and guidance set out in the Contract Standard Specifications 750 (Road) and 752 (Roadside) maintenance contracts.

A solution was needed to enable the timely exchange of information between VicRoads and its third party contractors; including routine road and roadside maintenance field inspections, hazard and defect reporting, and the resultant maintenance activities undertaken on road and roadside assets. This solution had to provide outstanding value for money given the limited maintenance budgets and had to be easy to use with a high level of user acceptance. The solution also needed to manage the logging, tracking, monitoring, reporting and compliance of maintenance activities in accordance with Standard Specification Section, VicRoads Road Management Plan (RMP), and in accordance with the Victorian Road Management Act.

The Solution

Asset Vision was adapted to meet the needs of VicRoads and now provides…

  A centralised web and device based platform to store and action inspections and defects.

  Integration with VicRoads’ customer Enquiry Tracking System (ETS) for handling public enquiries.

  Integration with VicRoads’ spatial data systems to ensure highly validated location data.

  Tools to support data management and processes including contract administration tasks.

  An Asset Register which provides improved asset visibility, and can reflect current and historical asset information.

  VicRoads and its maintenance contractors can work together on the same platform across the State.

The Numbers

Since the first Job and Inspection was created within VicRoads, Asset Vision has supported VicRoads with the following:

2M +

Transactions (Inspection and Job Records)

25,000+ km

Road and Roadside Assets Managed


Public CRM Enquiries handled
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